Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sutta Central launched!

I'm really pleased to announce the launch of Sutta Central. I've posted up the first sutta from Stephen Batchelor's selection (To the Kalamas) along with questions for reflection and some answers offered.

The idea is to make available to all, the kind of knowledge a small number of us are lucky to have ready access to. In my case I've been lucky to have easy access to the mind of Winton Higgins (see the US web site for a podcast interview with Winton) in getting my head around the core concepts in the dharma, as well as periodic access to Stephen Batchelor. So the idea of this section of the web site is to share the informed secular perspective on some suttas that are key to this perspective so that people who may not have access to their own walking dharmic encyclopedia can do some assisted study themselves.

Check it out and if you have any questions, post them on our Forum under Canonical discussion. I might even be able to convince Winton to answer them for you! It does take a bit of work to put these together so I'd really like to know if people find them valuable. If so, I'm very happy to keep doing them.

More great stuff coming soon!
Warm regards (on a cold, rainy Sydney day)

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  1. This is a great start to the sutta study. I hope our friends will come from other secular buddhist websites in US and Uk as well.