Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Share your favourite heart-movers

Secular Buddhism needs you!

What are the movies, poems, songs, Youtube clips, cartoons, pictures or other inspirations from the arts, that move your heart in dharmic ways?

While logic and rationality serve us very well, it's our emotions that move us. Indeed they are what make our decisions. There are lots of resources for the mind on many of our sites (and more to come soon here) but equally important is to feel and experience the dharma. This is also going to be an awesome way to adapt it to our western culture - to clothe it in our way if you like. So come and be part of it!

I've recently posted the first few submissions on Resources for the heart. Even just the first few ideas are exciting - some movies I've never heard of and will now have to see! Have a look and please, take a few minutes to submit your own favourites. (As they accumulate I'll collapse them down and have links to a page per theme.)

Also, if you have other email lists, blogs you follow or web sites you contribute to, please spread the word and link to the Resources for the heart page. This is open to contributions from anyone and here to benefit everyone.

More exciting things coming soon!

Warm regards


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