In addition to the blog we'd like to offer a means of getting involved in the Secular Buddhist community as well as resources to help people start or maintain such groups. The opportunities to get involved will include meditation/learning groups around Australia as well as events both in Australia and internationally as they arise. If you know of other meditation groups with a secular Buddhist orientation, please let us know with the form below.


Ashtree Sangha
Where: Centre Om, 7 Compton St, Adelaide
When: meet every 2nd Sunday of the month
What: 45 minute sit, discuss the sit, then go through a text.
Contact: Anna Markey on 08 8555 2588


Where: CERES Learning Centre, Lee St, East Brunswick

When: Monday nights

Where: Buddhist Society of Victoria, 71-73 Darling Rd, East Malvern
When: Wednesday nights


This link lists several insight meditation groups in the Sydney areas most of which have a reasonably secular orientation: Sydney Insight Meditators


  1. Hi all – does anyone know of any secular oriented Buddhist groups in the Melbourne area? I work in the city but live near Geelong so either place of a lunch time or eveing suits me.

    I’d be happy to try and start a group if anyone else would like to get on board?


  2. Hi Luke
    We have two sitting groups in Melbourne (Melbourne Insight Meditation Group) that may suit:

    1) Monday Nights at CERES Learning Centre, Lee St, East Brunswick 7.15-9pm, cost $8
    2) Wednesday Nights at the Buddhist Society of Vic (BSV),
    71-73 Darling Road, East Malvern . 7.15-9pm, No Cost! FREE with donations to the teachers and venue welcome.
    We also have an extensive range of retreats and workshops that we facilitate, manage on our website.

    Feel free to get in touch.

    with metta


  3. Hi,

    Are there any Secular Buddhist groups in Adelaide, or likewise anyone interested in getting one off the ground?


    1. Anna Markey on May 6, 2012 at 5:08 am said:

      Hi John, yes we have a secular group called Ashtree Sangha that meets every 2nd Sunday of the month at Centre Om , 7 Compton St Adelaide. 3.00-5.00pm. We have a 45minute sit, discuss the meditation and then go through a text. For the past few years we have been going through “Buddhism without Beliefs” by Stephne Batchelor and we will soon move onto jason Siffs “Unlearning Meditation.

      You are most welcome to attend. You can find our group through or ring me on 0885552588.

      Regards Anna Markey.