Thursday, September 9, 2021

Know Your Needs

A third of us are really struggling right now and young people even more so.

A key part of practicing the dharma (Buddha's teachings) is reversing our habit of reactively pushing away our unpleasant experiences. Instead, we turn and face them with courage and curiosity, so that we know them well. This loosens their grip on us, often immediately.

Here's something to help. It's a model that helps us understand our angst and direct our efforts wisely towards coping - actually thriving - as a human being.

Understanding, alone, reduces stress. But this is even more powerful because it directs our action to the things that will really make a difference because it targets the key universal needs we have as human beings.

The blog post here leads you through assessing yourself on the Nine Needs for full human flourishing - a super-helpful model to help cope with this crazy time we're in and I'll be sharing more on it over the coming weeks.

Please do forward it to any youngies (or not-so-youngies) who are struggling, and let us know how you go with it. Leave us a comment here, or on our Facebook Page, and stay tuned.

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