Monday, May 31, 2021

Interview with Winton Higgins

In case you missed it....last night I held a discussion with Winton Higgins for the launch of his book titled Revamp: Writings on Secular Buddhism.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had access to Winton's vast knowledge as I learnt about the dharma. He taught at our local Beaches Sangha for eight years and we never managed to cook up a question he couldn't answer!

He's captured the gold in this book which is a wonderful guide to the emergence of Secular Buddhism as the latest development in the history of Buddhism, its affinities with western philosophy, and its implications for practice at a personal, community and global level.

Grab yourself a cuppa and settle in for our chat. There are two short patches where the sound thins out or dulls (unfortunately one of these is the start of his endorsement of my book!), but these resolve pretty quickly, so hang in there.

Password: JN?ft38e
I hope you enjoy it.

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