Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Four Frontiers of Secular Buddhism - workshop notes available

I recently attended a weekend workshop by Winton Higgins with the above title here in Sydney. It was a stimulating weekend of meditation, talks and discussion. The four talks that were given throughout the workshop are now available. In addition to an introduction, they are:

  1. Nuancing our view of religion
  2. Finitude
  3. The numinous, the transcendent and the sublime, and
  4. Intensity in practice
They are well worth a read and are available here (articles are listed in alphabetical order).

Coming soon: a 5 minute mini-podcast introduction to meditation.


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  1. Secular Buddhism is a non-religious manifestation of Buddhism novel to the West.Custom,robes and custom are truant as are non-English terms.It is without power through title or genealogy.It is atheistic i.e.There is no thought of the supernatural or reincarnation.Karma is viewed as just in the sense the expression as generally utilized as a part of English – of one's aims,activities and their results in this life.
    sant Kirpal Singh