Sunday, February 10, 2013

The power of vulnerability

Two in one week – I’m on fire!

This TED Talk by Brene Brown is just gold – a must see! It is so dharmic I had to put it under 4 different ‘Resources for the Heart’ headings.
The need for connection with others is a fundamental part of being human. Brene’s research into connectedness showed shame to be a heart-stopping disconnector. She followed the theme further and found that the willingness to be with our own vulnerability is key to connecting with others. She also found some characteristics which differentiate those who embrace their vulnerability from those who are just too afraid to look at it and some common but also some not-so-obvious methods of aversion. These include portraying uncertainty as certainty (she highlights the self righteous approach to religion in particular), blame (a way of discharging difficult feelings), and pursuing perfection.
Oh, and the key job of parents? Not to make their kids perfect or over-achievers but to have them believe they are worthy of love and connection. They are wired for struggle, so they will work life out themselves – as long as they believe they are worthy of love (I’ve been saying this for years!).
The Power of Vulnerability is an entertaining and touching talk. I couldn’t speak for about 5 minutes afterwards – it’s a real heart opener. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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