Monday, January 7, 2013

Some good stuff coming

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Phew! Craziness of the silly season is over. Happy new year everyone! Finally some time to get posting some more good stuff for secularish Buddhistish types.
I’ve just put up a link under Resources for the Mind (Links to other Resources) to an article summarising some scientific evidence for the idea that pursuing happiness itself is a source of dukkha. I’ve mentioned before the fabulous book by Barry Magid called Ending the Pursuit of Happiness which encourages us to embrace the whole catastrophe of life rather than clinging to happiness as if it were something we could have all the time. This article summarises some of the perils of getting too single-minded about happiness or extremes of happiness.
I’ve also included a link to a positive, proactive news site called Yes! Magazine. I’ve been starting to include such things in my media consumption to help balance out the natural negativity bias of the brain.
More good stuff to come soon.

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