Theme 9 – Friendliness

Theme 9 – Friendliness

Often called loving kindness but a more accessible translation is friendliness (metta in Pali) – shown towards other people and all beings.

Title: The clip has no title but the song is called One Day
Author: Life Vest Inside (the song is by Matisyahu)
Relevance: This is one of the most watched video clips on Youtube. It’s about an act of kindness that creates the usual effect of causing the recipient to also want to be kind and this goes on and on until it comes right back to the originator. It’s also a nice take on karma.
Non-relevance: I havent’ listened to the words of the song closely all the way through but there’s a bit of thanking God for being alive kind of stuff going on there.

Title: The Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Relevance: I saw this film as a video last year. Its a documentary about a man who takes care of wild parrots in San Francisco and about all the people around who take care of this man. I vaguely think/recall that he might have a buddhist influence guiding him. I remember thinking of this in the film at the time I saw it but can’t remember if it was explicitly mentioned. I had never heard of this film when i stumbled upon it at the shop but i was very moved by it.
Link: Youtube  I think the video shop will be the best place to find it though.
Submitted by:  Candol, Australia

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