Theme 10 – Compassion

Theme 10 – Compassion

….for ourselves and others: understanding, empathy and good will together.

Title: The Poetry of Self Compassion
Author/artist: David Whyte
Relevance: Selection of narrated poems as well as some of his originals that move the heart to feel compassion for our own difficulty in life – a prerequisite to being able to truly feel it for others.
Title: As It Is In Heaven
Director: Kay Pollack
Relevance: The eventual understanding shown to deeply flawed people and the acceptance of them as they are (while also having compassion for self), and empathy is very moving.
See also Theme 4, Movies, Departures.

Title: The Power of Empathy: A Quick Animated Lesson That Can Make You a Better Person.

Relevance: Compassion requires empathy or the willingness to 'feel with'. This short animated clip makes clear the difference between this and sympathy. 

Link: click here

See The Power of Vulnerability under Theme 1: embracing dukkha.
A TED Talk by Brene Brown who reminds us that we can’t practice compassion to others until we can practice toward ourselves. This entertaining talk speaks of the importance of embracing our vulnerability and in doing so opens the heart. You could hear a pin drop in the audience.

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