Sutta study - The Basic Teachings of the Buddha

This page offers the podcasts from the sutta study program I'm leading at Beaches Sangha in 2018/19. The book of suttas we are using is The Basic Teachings of the Buddha by Glenn Wallis. We cover one chapter each month, and I'm posting the recordings here so that people who aren't lucky enough to have a local sangha, can follow along. There is minimal editing of the sessions, so that you can enjoy the experience of our Sangha. It also means I'm more likely to post the talks promptly, because the editing job isn't too time consuming.

I'm putting any corrections or clarifications to talks below in the commentary for each chapter. 

Session1: Introduction

The introduction to this book is quite lengthy but very well worth the read. It gives good context for the selection of suttas and the Pali canon itself (which is where the suttas come from). It also encourages us to be mindful of the personal standpoint from which we approach the suttas, and gives us some clues about the most helpful mindset to bring to learning.

Podcast correction: At the 12 minute mark, I mention that at the close of the century in which the Buddha lived, there were already at least 18 different 'schools' of teachings. I meant to say by the end of the milennium.

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